Vinyl Floors Stripped & Re-Sealed

Vinyl Floors Stripped & Re-Sealed

One of the most durable and cost-effective flooring is vinyl. It does, however, require some regular maintenance. At Megadry we offer a strip and reseal service to protect your floors and keep them looking as good as new.

Vinyl is made with layers of sealant for protection, over time general wear and tear and foot traffic will “sand” away the sealer, leaving the vinyl itself exposed and susceptible to damage. Many people do not realise the irreparable damage that vinyl flooring can sustain once the sealant has worn away.

Our vinyl floor stripping and resealing service includes:

  • Prompt & personalised service, based on your needs
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • Pre-cleaning of floors
  • Sealant stripping
  • Re-sealing of floor
  • Melbourne-wide service
  • Professional service from our qualified and insured team.

Vinyl Floor Stripping

Before resealing your vinyl floors, it is essential to remove or “strip” remaining sealant. We will clean your floor surface first to ensure they are free of dirt and then apply our solution to soften and remove the damaged layers of sealant.

Vinyl Floor Sealing

Once cleaned and stripped, we apply multiple layers of sealant to your vinyl flooring, leaving a glossy finish, helping it to look as good as new.

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